Manufacturer Furey Technologies
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The X-25 is an energy assault rifle patented and manufactured by Furey Technologies. The weapon started production in the year 2025, the Black Beret Corps was interested in a new weapon that didn't use bullets and smokless powder as ammunition due to the shortage of minerals mined on Earth. Alpha Wolf devised a new way of warfare and within a few weeks, the weapon was introduced into the Black Beret Corps.


Unlike other weapons who use shells, powder and even the cartridge itself, the X-25 uses a more unique system while on the battlefield of the future. The weapon used a new system that formed it's ammo into small balls of plasma that were placed into the chamber, afterwards the bolt would emit an electrical charge which courses through the round, allowing it to exit the chamber. The weapon also has a select fire, as well as an intergrated suppressor built into the barrel.