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    Manufacturer Walther Firearms
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    The Walther PP is a semi-automatic pistol developed by Walther before the start of World War 2 and was one of the leading pistols used by the Nazis.


    The Walther PPK is a small pistol that was first issued to Luftwaffe, Waffen SS and other members of the Nazi party. The pistol was also the same kind the Adolf Hitler used to end his life as well. Along side both the Walther P38 and the popular Luger P08, this pistol was very successful in it's years of service as well.

    Present DayEdit

    To this very day, the Walther PP still has a place in the world's arsenal. The pistol's variant (Walther PPK/PPKS) is known to be the handgun of fictional character and secret agent James Bond. Some Black Beret Soldiers like Alpha Wolf use this as either a Primary Weapon or a Sidearm. Alpha Wolf also enjoys using this pistol from time to time as well.