Vital statistics
Planet of Origin Squamata
Technological Standpoint Advanced/Primitive
Powers & Abilities
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Heightened Senses
  • Telepathy
  • Weaknesses
  • Conventional/Advanced Weapons
  • Small Numbers
  • Soft Underbelly
  • Height/Length 8ft
    Status Extinct/Resurrected

    The Varanus were a race of beings that existed during the creation of the Earth. They hailed from the planet Squamata, located in the galaxy called the NGC-2240. They were known to have traveled to other planets in order to spread across the galaxy, but one vessel was hit by a solar flare and crash landed on Earth.

    Crash Landing & EvolutionEdit

    During the Pliocene Epoch when their spacecraft landed on Earth, the Varanus started to adapt with their new environment and then later on evolved into the Megalania. Soon after the Pleistocene Epoch, the Megalania eventually evolved into the present day Komodo Dragon.

    Present DayEdit

    By 2013, Hunter G. Carter and the Black Beret Archaeological group was digging for fossils in Australia's Outback where they discovered the Varanus' technology and spacecraft. Soon, they found a holographic recording of what the beings looked like and then when they looked through all the recordings, they soon realized that the descendants of these beings was in fact the Komodo Dragon. Soon after, Carter returned to Area 51 with the technology and several subject Komodo Dragons for an experiment involving reversing their evolutionary clock. They used a device called the Evo-Cannon, which turned out ot be a success. Alpha Wolf and his squadron were called into try and communicate with the being that was just resurrected, but the being spoke to him through the uses of telepathy. Eventually they managed to make more of the Varanus which allowed them to replenish their ranks and soon they became allies with the Black Beret Corps.


    The Varanus are known to be beings approximately or accurately 8ft tall and look like a combination of a Hominid and Monitor Lizard, meaning that they adapted to both environments by going their separate ways in order to survive in their new sorroundings.


    Because of their stature, the Varanus are known to be superhuman strong, as well as fast and possess accelerated healing because of their reptilian biology. They also possess heightened senses and even the ability to understand the languages of the galaxies extremely fast, as well as use telepathy to speak to any being.


    Usually when they are in small numbers, the Varanus are at their weakest point and they also possess a soft underbelly as well. Unless they wear their protective armor composed of Herpetium, any conventional weapon can injure them or kill them, but if they have their armor, an advanced weapon will be needed.


    The Varanus' were known to have possessed advanced technology that the humans have started to reverse engineered. These beings were known to have possessed warp speed, transporter/food replication technology, deflector shields, energy weapons and even advanced medication which is known to cure diseases like Cancer and even Hepatitis. Their vessels are known to be Conical, meaning they look like their teeth.