Myweapon (5)
USS Hyperbird
Produced In: 2011
Type Vehicle: Air/Interstellar Craft
Width: 25.61 meters
Height/Depth: 8.27 meters
Length: 34.37 meters
Weight: 5 tons
  • Diamantium/Vibrantium Alloy
  • 4 Deflector Shield Generators
  • 1 Energy Absorber Shield
  • 2 Recharging Shields
  • Manufacturer: Alpha Wolf
    Country of Origin: USA
    Crew: 5
  • Grinder Laser Cannons (4 located on the wings)
  • Crystinium Destroyer Cannons (6 located on the port and starboard sides of the main bridge)
  • Concealed aft Heavy Laser Minigun (Located in between the main hyperengines)
  • Heavy Notronium Energy Laser Cannons (Located beneath the main bridge)
  • Special Devices:
  • Instant Shield Rechargers
  • V.A.C (Voice Acknowledging Computer) Interface
  • Advanced Targeting System
  • Voice Command Weapon Selection
  • Universal Automatic Piloting
  • Phase Cloak
  • Cloaking Device
  • Warp Drive System
  • Quantum Leap Drive
  • Mach 20 Hyperdrive System
  • Service Length: 2011-Present
    Power Source: Infinium

    The USS Hyperbird is the main flagship of the many fighter squadrons within the Black Beret Corps. It is also the crown jewel vessel of Alpha Wolf and his "Badass Squad" as he calls it.


    The USS Hyperbird was made by Alpha Wolf in the year 2011, the very first fighter to ever use the power source Infinium to power it's main engines and systems. It is also known to be so complicated that this ship cannot be made by anyone, not even Furey Technologies and so in turn, this ship is one of a kind. The very first use of this vessel was during 2012 when a race of beings known as the Neonians started an invasion of Earth. The USS Hyperbird was used against the Neonian battleships, fighters and cruisers, taking out many of their fighters and even battleships. The ship wasn't even damaged nor scratched when against the Neonians vessels due to it's Vibrantium and Diamantium alloy as well as extra shield generators, the weapons were also the best at heavily damaging the Neonian vessels, but the humans lost the first battle and the Hyperbird retreated to Area 51. After a day, the numbers of the United States air force was unmatched until, The Black Beret Corps introduced the X-50 Freedom Fighter to many new pilots. Then at about 0300 hours on Monday morning, the USS Hyperbird was in command of the fleet Codenamed: Pheonix and led the fighters on one final assault against the Neonians, but this time The Hyperbird destroyed the shield generators on the ships and the X-50's swarmed them, their fighters and battleships. By the end of the day, the Neonians admitted to defeat and were given a chance to make it up to the humans by repairing the wrecks of their cities and as a result they would be granted a pardon, also the Neonians agreed to share their technology with the victors of the battle as well.