These aliens were created through an alien known as the Micromorph which combined with a frozen Zentiemorph embryo and is a very aggressive form of alien.

How it SpreadsEdit

Once the alien is combined,It is capable of infecting any host directly to begin it's epidemic, however when the host is infected, it spreads it through a population through either a scratch or a bite and is known to also be spread through the air on a ship for a short period of time as soon as the infection begins to spread.

Infected DescriptionEdit

The infected hosts are described as fast with large jaws,Tentacles located on the arms and back, one hand with 6 large claws, the other hand has a large blade, the head has a spiked mohawk and are vicious if contacted.


The Starcromorph's intelligence is determined because the more the Starcromorphs infect people, the more knowledge they gain through infecting populations like how the Borg gain knowledge through assimilation.

Defense MechanismsEdit

The Starcromorphs gain this through the Zentiemorph, however each one has only 1 defense mechanism.

List of Defense MechanismsEdit

-Slime Spit/Acid Spit
-Biological Armor
-Danger Sense

Populations that can be infected are pretty much all of the known alien species except for the undead and the damned souls such as Vampires, Lycans, Ghouls and other undead creatures. The Starcromorphs can't attack the Undead because their eyes can't see them at all giving the ones undead an advantage to kill the Starcromorphs easily. One other thing the undead have is a resistance to their infection. The Half-Breeds such as Dhampir and even Half-Demons also have the same advantages.


The weakness can be determined through class, however Ion particles can be used to save the host and kill off the infection almost immedietly. Another weakness is that their eyes are very sensitive to light so if any bright light is used, it will blind them for good. Vampire venom is another form of weakness, since the undead can't be infected, a Vampire's venom can start killing off the infection, but unfortunately kills off the host as well. Any laser weapon is also a good weakness because their Biologial Armor can only withstand bullets and knives, not lasers. Also the Starcromorph has a weakness to dwarf stars which will evaporate them. When the Starcromorph is exposed to reflective surfaces primarily silver, any area of the body will ignite into flames and vaporize. When a Dhampir bites a Starcromorph the venom from the dhampir can cure the infected person.