What has been written here is a document containing classified top secret infromation dating back 70 years to WW2 and is only meant for the eyes of Black Beret personnal only.

What They Are?Edit

Vampyr is the name given to the lead Waffen SS Paranormal Division that was established during the third reich of Germany and has been kept secret up until recently.

Black Beret InvolvmentEdit

The Black Berets were called in to deal with the situation when 5 robberies occurred at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC and the artifacts stolen all had possessed the power to resurrect the dead, once every 70 years. Eventually the Black Berets recieved a report stating that the body of Adolf Hitler was dug up and stolen during the night.


The evidence colected during this investigation were tapes from the main security cameras overlooking the artifacts and it was show to have images of nazi uniforms and weapons floating on their own and that piece of evidence provided the prediction that these form of Nazis were vampires. Also there were cracked 9x19mm Parabellum shell casings on the floor and they were from one of the nazi's MP40s.

Investigation of Hitler's GraveEdit

Investigation of Hitler's grave was the next step into finding the thieves responsible for these crimes and there was the theory that these nazis were planning on resurrecting their fuhrer in order to remake another master race. No evidence other than the hole dug to retrieve Hitler's body was uncovered, however the other thing discovered was a trail of footprints were discovered a few inches away from the grave.

Black Beret ActionEdit

The Black Berets sent Team 1 under the command of Plattoon Commander Alpha Wolf and it was soon discovered that there was a mountain in Germany that hid an underground base in it's ice for the last 70 years and so the team entered the base in order to see if these nazis were the culprates to these crimes. The team had discovered that this fortress was indeed the site of work in the occult and the creation of advanced weaponry for the fuhrer's men. They overheard that the commanding officer was going to resurrect the fuhrer in the base and once that happened, a Fourth Reich of Germany would begin and so the team headed for the commanding officer when the ritual was in session and they intervened in the ritual and eventually arrested them and started to confiscate the weaponry and see what kind of technology could be created with it at Area 51.