Neo-Nazism is a post-World War 2 organization that was started after the fall of Nazi, Germany and the death of Adolf Hitler. They have been known to have been allied with other white supremascists such as the Ku Klux Klan and other anti-semetic and other groups; believing in so called "Racial Purity".


Neo-Nazism was started by people of multiple countries; who believed in the original beliefs of the Nazis and Hitler. They believed in the prosecution of the people that the former Nazis thought of as mentally, physically, religiously, agedly and even ethnically inferior.

Present DayEdit

Neo-Nazism; even to the present day, has been known to have still been fighting for a new race. They also have been considered by the F.B.I as a threat to national security. In fact; Neo-Nazism has also been one of the causes to many to purchase firearms and other weapons for their own protection. Neo-Nazis have also been proven to have been violent towards members of the opposing parties; even including starting fights during protests. Some are also known to carry firearms and wear uniforms similar to that of the Nazis.

Neo-Nazism also had run-ins with the Black Beret Corps; mostly Alpha Wolf and his team of brave heroes. They also have attempted to assassinate present and future political leaders; however whenever this occurred; the Black Berets have stopped them no matter what.


By the year 2133; Neo-Nazism became a serious threat to the world. They overthrew the German government at the time and started a new Nazi Empire. This led to World War 3 and a battle that almost led to the destruction of the entire world. They were eventually defeated by both the Israeli and United States military; who not only killed every Nazi; but also destroyed every bit of Nazi propaganda used by them as well.