Diamonds (Source of Liquid Diamond)

Liquid Diamond is a material that is used by the Archonians to power their weapons. It is also known to be the seed in growing more diamonds as well.

How to Extract Liquid DiamondEdit

Liquid Diamond is a substance that can be found in no other substance, only pure diamonds are known to possess this material. The Archonians use a machine called an "Extractor Beam" in which a beam of energy is shot through more than 50,000,000 Diamonds at a time. The diamonds are in a large strainer in order for the collection of their liquid contents. The beam fires through the diamonds and in turn the Liquid Diamond goes through the holes in the strainer and pour down into a large vad where it fills and then workers can fill Magazines of the recently extracted Liquid Diamond. Also the recently extracted Liquid Diamond is also used to make more diamonds as well, however it takes an hour before the creation of new diamonds can commence.

Weapons That Use Liquid DiamondEdit