The Furey Technologies Logo

The Furey Technologies Logo

Furey Technologies is one of the largest companies in the world that is in charge of producing it's own manufactured goods such as weapons, medical Supplies and other things that civilians need and want.


Furey Technologies was started by Alpha Wolf by the year of 2025 where he created his own legal and independent corporation that resulted in a complete success.With the new and advanced technology coming out, Furey Technologies grew faster than any other company, surpassing Keyes' Industries and their products. In 2025, it became competitive with Delmare Industries, however Furey Technologies is ahead of the game and still is to this very day.

Products  Edit

Furey Technologies is the world's leading manufacturer in medical Supplies, weapons and even civilian products as well. They are not for evil intentions due to the fact that the CEO is not an evil man.

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Sub Assault RiflesEdit

Assault RiflesEdit

Medical Supplies and TechnologyEdit

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