Flintlock Pistol
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    The Flintlock Pistol was a firearm, manufactured by the many countries of the world during the 18th century. They were known to be muzzle loaded firearms, meaning that black powder was needed to be poured into the barrel and a lead ball pushed into barrel, then the pan where the firing mechanism was, needed to have powder on it for it to work.


    Pistols like the Doglock, Wheellock and Matchlock were all becoming very unreliable on timing when it came to firing and were a problem to load, people needed a quicker way to reload, as well as cheap and then a French courtier by the name of Marin le Bourgeoy came along with a cheaper way to make a spark and that was the Flintlock Pistol. The weapon served in many wars and conflicts of the 18th century, as well as being useb by civilians during the 19th century as well.


    Some of the major drawbacks with the Flintlock Pistol was that it was a one shot weapon, meaning once you shot the pistol, that's it and if you tried to reload the weapon, it can cost you your life on the battlefield. In the rain or exposed to any kind of water, the pistol wouldn't work because the powder in the weapon was too soggy to make a spark and the water doused the powder's ability to make a spark. Another problem was that it had a time delay, not as bad as the Wheellocks, however not as fast as the Caplock Pistols.


    Many hunters of the present day world have used the Flintlock, both pistols and muskets to hunt, however many enemies of the Black Beret Corps from the 18th and 19th century still use the Flintlock, such as SpineSword Jack.