Excalibur is the legendary sword of King Arthur. In old English text, Arthur and Merlin were said to have met the mystical lady of the lake where Excalibur was given to Arthur. The sword was also said to be like Arthur's first weapon, the Sword in the Stone. Excalibur was known to only be wielded by Arthur and symbolized that anyone who could wield it, will become ruler.

Archaeological DiscoveryEdit

The Sword in the Stone

Excalibur In the Stone

Within a temple hidden in England, an archaeological team of The Black Beret Corps discovered the resting place of King Arthur where people believed it to be the ruins of Camelot. It was then discovered that Excalibur was within a big stone and when they went to pull it out of the stone, it wouldn't budge. Team 1 came in and investigated the sight,Alpha Wolf, Kenshin Kinzakura, Zortak Tachi, Werehog Beta and Blacklight Alpha all had the same problem. When Babe Cierra, the newest member of Team 1 tried, the sword was pulled from the stone and she was holding the most searched for legends of all time, the Sword Excalibur.
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