Black Beret Corps
Black Berets
Vital statistics
Formed By United States Military
Planet of Origin Earth
  • Humans
  • Vampires
  • Dhampirs
  • Werewolves
  • Half-Demons
  • Demons
  • Mermaids
  • Mutants
  • Occupation To Protect the World and it's People from all Evil
    Technological Advancement Advanced
    Status Active
    The Black Beret Corps is a secret military organization created by the United States Government; designed as a front for dealing with paranormal and supernatural phenomenon. They also help others throughout the galaxy and known universes.


    The Black Beret Corps has been around for the last 67 years and was assigned to keep any people who helped the government with secret projects quiet about what happened. By 1947; they were the main security teams and armed forces at the Roswell crash site and anyone that helped with the clean up was told never to speak of what they saw or did that night. By the 60s, the Black Berets became an early version of what it is today, a military force against the paranormal and supernatural. By the 70s and 80s, this military force was granted permanent access to Area 51 and any other secret location where security and military forces are today.


    To this very day they remain a secret military and security force; however the president had signed an agreement to make the Black Beret Corps an army instead of just security and small army.

    Incidents with Nazis & Neo-NazismEdit

    During the present time; the Black Berets have been known to have had multiple encounters with members and branches of the Nazi Party and even members of Neo-Nazism. They even had encounters with a Schutzstaffel organization that was made up of Vampires; who planned to conquer the whole world. They managed to defeat these enemies; as well as incarcerated people who were considered threats of the world.

    Mostly with the SS; The Black Berets have been known to have confiscated much of their technology and use their power source and mechanics to make weapons and other devices.


    The Black Beret Corps is known to still be active during the centuries of the future.

    World War 3: 2133-2145Edit

    By 2133; the Black Berets recieved knowledge of Neo-Nazis managed to capture Berlin and overthrow the German government. The Neo-Nazis formed a new Nazi Empire; however by 2145, the Black Berets and Israeli Anti-Nazi Force banded together to strike one final blow to Germany. They managed to take down the Nazi Empire and restored the former government of Germany; destroying what was left of the Neo-Nazis and their propaganda.

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