Beretta 92SB
[[Beretta 92SB|250px]]
Species of Origin Humans
Manufacturer Beretta
Planet of Origin Earth
Technical Readout
Type Weapon Semi-Automatic Pistol
Ammunition Type 9x19mm Parabellum
Magazine Capacity 10-32 Round Magazine
Service Record
Introduction Date 1981
Service Length 1981-1991
Faction Utilization
Factions Utilized
  • United States Armed Forces
  • Black Beret Corps
  • The Beretta 92SB is a variant model of the Beretta 92 that came out back in 1975.


    The Beretta 92SB was designed to serve the United States Air Force and underwent trials. The pistol succeeded in the trials and the weapon was adopted by the USAF.

    Present DayEdit

    To the present day; the Beretta 92SB has been considered an extremely rare variant to be owned. It is still used by people who can find and afford them such as Dr. Daniel Van Helsing and even Alpha Wolf.


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