Vital statistics
Year Established Well Before 360 BC
Planet of Origin Earth
Species Inhabited
  • Atlanteans
  • Humans
  • Technological Advancement Advanced
    Date of destruction 360 BC (Supposedly)
    Government Utopian
    Military Factions
  • Atlantean Army
  • Atlantean Marines
  • Years Discovered Early 21st Century
    Atlantis (A.K.A "The Lost City of Atlantis") is a lost city supposedly destroyed over 9000 years ago within a single day and night; mainly in the year 360 B.C., according to the Greek philosopher Plato.

    History Edit

    According to Greek Mythology; Atlantis was homed to a civilization, so far more advanced than the rest of the world. It was also said that the people who inhabited the very city was said to have believed in perfection. It was also speculated that the Atlanteans believed their rulers to be gods and goddesses. According to Plato, Atlantis was said to have been swallowed up by the sea in a single day and night by 360 B.C.


    By the 21st century; archaeologist Peter Ravencroft discovered a small account of Atlantis in the city of Troy. An energy weapon that was small; almost resembling a pistol. Ravencroft brought the findings to the Black Beret Corps where General John Baker established Alpha Wolf and his team to assist him in the discovery of Atlantis.