Amy is a Zentiemorph/Human Hybrid that was created by the Black Beret Corps to see what kind of species they were dealing with.She was supposed to be the mate of Buzz (Wolf Furey's first Clone),Instead became the mate of Alex (Wolf's second clone).

With BuzzEdit

When Buzz was being developed,General Ian J.Corben ordered Dr. Frank Kent to make Buzz without a civilized human part which stopped him from being savage and he managed to break loose,However he took Amy with him and made a nest in one of the storage rooms of the base they were in.He was lured to the hanger bay where he was impaled with stakes ridden with disease (Mainly Cancer) and he was killed.Amy was bought to Wolf's home and awaited her new mate (Alex).

With AlexEdit

While waiting for Alex who was still being cloned,Amy went through a slight blood fever,Apart of the mating ritual between her and Buzz which was sexual arousal and eventually she met Alex and then when they were alone,They started to mate,However the Black Berets interfered and he,Along with Amy escaped.Wolf ordered to search for them and then when he got home,Amy and Alex were there.Eventually they were found and they,Along with Wolf faced a court marshall and execution.Wolf managed to convince General William M.Baker that Corben was the one responsible for most of this and so when being escorted to his cell,Wolf took out the guard and fought his way to the room where Amy and Alex were being held,Arresting Corben in the process.By this time Amy was already pregnant with Alex's child and afterwards Wolf testified against Corben,Then Corben was stripped of his rank because of it.

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